Follower’s Gift: Grey’s Harbor

I love the idea of Midnight Hollow, but found it difficult to play — too dark and too claustrophobic.  My favorite ‘hood by far is Moonlight Falls, specifically the new version created by Dutchysims.  So I decided to merge the two together.  This save file includes parts of Moonlight Falls, parts of Midnight Hollow, and a few other lots that I pretty much can’t live without.  I’ve brightened up the exteriors to make them fit in better.  It is populated with some of the Moonlight Falls people and some of the Midnight Hollow people — I didn’t add all of both worlds because that population would be enormous!

I recommend using Brntwaffles’s Midnight Dream lighting mod with this neighborhood!

Extract this file into your Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves folder.

Download: \ Mediafire

Required Content:

New Moonlight Falls by Dutchysims

Supernatural and University expansions and the Midnight Hollow set (*Note: I do have every expansion pack and have definitely used items from other expansions, so keep that in mind if you don’t have them all)

Rabbithole recolors (standalone versions) by Neuroticrobotic, found HERE, HERE and HERE.

Theater rabbithole recolor by Estatica, found HERE

Train station recolor by Elyfs-Simsalabim

Cornices by Awesims


This save includes custom lots by the following fabulous creators.  I end up using these lots again and again, in every world that I play.  The game wouldn’t be the same without you!


Nengi of Sims Crossing




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