Yay for presents/follower gifts! (: These were actually supposed to be separate gifts to celebrate my 100th follower; however, before I got around to it (I’m so lazy), I blinked and am now well over that! You guys rock, seriously, and so now I shower you with more wall clutter. Bwahaha — eh, um, the above is part 1&2 of 3 - yes, I said 3 (I just love ya that much :D). 

The mesh for the subway scrolls is from Awesims and her loverly tram scrolls. I have this crazy obsession with them and thought why not make some more? There are 14 in all as shown ^. The second part consists of 7 kitchen-themed overlays from Aikea Guinea’s half-height wall mesh. You can layer them but it might take some doing. I wanted to do more, but part 3 is exhausting and I didn’t want to procrastinate anymore. :>

Universal (it seems) TOU includes not claiming as your own or uploading to pay sites - I mean, really, right and wrong should be pretty well understood by now. Iffn you do by chance use them, I would love to see them in-game (really, it makes me fan girl and the hubs makes fun of me).



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Follower’s Gift: Fort Smith Office Building (Shell)

I was really pleased with how well this one turned out and thought other people might be able to use it as well.  This is an empty building (a community lot set as “No Visitors Allowed”) that could easily be turned into all kinds of lots, or simply used as hood decor.  I tried to decorate the yard so it would fit into just about any neighborhood but left it pretty plain — feel free to tear it apart however you want.  Lot size is 50x40.

Store Content:

Windows and Municipal Wall Column from the Roaring Heights store set.

No custom content.  You may include this lot in your saved files, but please do not re-upload the lot itself.

Mediafire: Download Download

Note: This is a package file.  Extract the file into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Library

Would look cooler if we could build higher, but oh well.  This is going to be an art gallery.

Eek, I seem to be an addict.

Eek, I seem to be an addict.

A message from saintawesome
I really love Grey's Harbor, but I'm having some weirdness with it that I was hoping you'd have an idea of how to fix. The "talentless theater" building is missing- just the lot with the outline of the building in the grass, and I can't put another theater on top of it. Simagon Alley is also missing most of its buildings, with only the journalism/business building, which can't be entered. There is also no science building at all. I have everything installed. Am I missing anything? Thanks!

Wow, this is a good catch.  I didn’t realize I used another rabbithole recolor and forgot to link it!  I believe I used the grey theater recolor by Estatica, which can be found HERE.  The download post has also been updated.

Regarding your issues with the rabbitholes that come with the Midnight Hollow set, do you have the store version or decrapified?  There is a known format conflict between the two.  All of my items are purchased from the store, so if yours are decrapified you will have to replace the rabbitholes manually because they will not appear correctly.

The science building is my fault.  I’m so used to using the Moonlight Falls hospital (which has both) that I forgot.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but if you save the lot from the Midnight Hollow neighborhood, you can place it in one of the empty lots in Grey’s Harbor.

Cape Garner Islands beach and marina.

A message from Anonymous
is your rook island save going to be up for download when you finish ? I'm in love with everything you do 😩

Aww, thank you so much, but Rook Island is bigger than I thought when I started.  I still kept the save and will probably work on it, but if I want to start actually playing anytime soon I had to switch to Cape Garner Islands in the meantime!  :)



"This 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom beachside home is the perfect seaside getaway for a single sim or couple starting off. The backyard also features a vegetable allotment for your green-thumb sims and space for future expansion."

Lot Information

  • Size: 20x20
  • Furnishing: Partly Furnished
  • Floorplan: x

Required Content

  • EPs: WA, AMB, SHT, SEA, SN, UL
  • SPs: FL (only for the car)
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • CC: Included

Terms of Use

DOWNLOAD | .package

Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.

More Jenba love.  This is my version of her Captain’s Landing lot, placed next to Martine’s salon that she built for Cottonwood Hills, and yet another tiny diner!  After I finish the beach lot I can finally build some houses.

jazinga replied to your post: “jenba reblogged your post Jenba’s probably getting sick of me ri… and…”:
"Art is theft." — Pablo Picasso (also, "Good artists copy, great artists steal." Same attribution.)

Haha, he is so awesome!

jenba replied to your post: “jenba reblogged your post Jenba’s probably getting sick of me ri… and…”:
Oh! I think that was Newport, Rhode Island. :) I also copied a lot of buildings in Kennebunkport, MI and Boothbay Harbor, MI. Your Chowder House reminds me a lot of the one in Boothbay! I didn’t discover that one until long after I had built mine!

I did my own version of the Captain’s Landing building for Cape Garner Islands, I’ll post a picture of it tonight.  I based the Chowder House on a couple of pier restaurant buildings that I saw while looking for coastal village images.  That’s usually what I do — find a couple of aspects that I like and merge them together into one building.